At ThoughtSol Infotech, we have built a warm and receptive work environment where employees take pride in the impact they generate for their client, and feel connected with their colleagues, while respecting the highest standards of integrity. We create a rewarding career for each of our employees and invest in their personal and professional development. We are proud of the fact that we have successfully balanced our deep focus on process and operational excellence with our passion for people development-it reflects in everything we do.

Being an Employer of Choice

ThoughtSol Infotech is a people-oriented company, and we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success. We are committed to attracting and retaining talent and follow global best practices to ensure that they build fruitful and rewarding careers with us. We strive to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible.

Rewarding is intrinsic to our nature, and we ensure that excellence never goes unrecognized. We believe that rewards provide recognition and motivation to high performers to continue with their winning ways, while also raising the bar higher for mediocre performers to perform better.

Career Development

ThoughtSol Infotech is committed to enhancing the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of its employees. Performance management is a critical area for us, and we invest in planning each employee's career and aligning his or her goals with larger organizational goals. When every goal an employee is appraised on is linked to a bigger organizational goal, accountability and ownership are driven on the job every single day.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a key priority on our people agenda. We believe that with the right platform and encouragement, high-potential employees can be groomed into influential leaders who will lead us to success in the future.