Communications, centralized and simplified

With customers in one place and offices in another, it takes orchestration to bring everyone together. Doing it right with quick and easy access to information and resources requires advanced communications. These technologies enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate, as if you're there, without the time and cost of travel. ThoughtSol's Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions enables you to connect with co-workers, customers, suppliers, and the world and improve the way you do business. We believe that people have better things to do than travel. Instead, give them real-time communication tools that facilitate collaboration virtually anywhere. Share critical information instantly. Make decisions together. Go forward without having to pass an international dateline.

We bring voice, video, instant messaging, e-mail, and conferencing together in a unified collaboration experience that helps people share information. So you can enhance interdepartmental teamwork. Deliver real-time communication. Get your people together from the office or over a mobile device. And we do it by starting with what you already have.

Our Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions provide a cost-effective way to connect your employees to co-workers, customers, and company information:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) integrates your voice and data traffic.
  • Audio and video conferencing can enhance teamwork and improve response times.
  • Cloud-based applications make access easy no special equipment required and you can quickly scale to meet changing needs.