About ThoughtSol

We believe that wellness and happiness of the people is our first and foremost CSR duty. We also believe wellness and happiness cannot be 'created' but can be provided enabling conditions, a 'framework for happiness', defined by our work processes, learning programs and organization culture. We believe that work life can be seen as a platform for individuals to be creative and reach their peak potential and performance.

We will create an environment where creativity, happiness and performance positively reinforce each other. Our programs, policies, and frameworks will be tuned towards improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Thus, ThoughtSol Infotech considers its most important CSR goal as "developing its people into balanced, compassionate members of humanity, capable and willing to contribute to a better world of tomorrow".

In this journey, we will be guided by our values (HAPPINESS). These principles will equally apply to the organizational interaction with individuals and groups and those between the individuals and teams themselves. With this strong foundation of values and happiness, we will engage with our external stakeholders – clients, business partners, academic institutions, investors and statutory authorities in a climate of respect, fairness, trust, integrity and shared value creation.

Being An IT System Integration Company, we would like to leverage our expertise in our core competencies to improve the quality of life in certain segments of the society. Towards this, we will invest a certain portion of our business operations to develop technology solutions to address the targeted areas.

We are mindful of the impact of our actions on the environment and the legacy we leave for our future generations. We will invest our energies on implementing sustainable operations that will strive to put back into the environment at least as much as we take out of it.