Organizations searching for better ways to remain agile in today's marketplace are increasingly turning to data centre solutions that leverage the best attributes of cloud services and traditional data centre management.

With ThoughtSol Technology Operations Services you can provide a safe, reliable, and agile IT environment that provides the capacity when needed without increasing capital expense or sacrificing security and compliance.

With Technology Operational Services, you can

  • Acquire a complete virtual data center in as little as an hour
  • Complete projects faster and meet peak demands without over-provisioning
  • Extend the capacity of your existing hardware
  • Maintain agility while supporting multiple lines of business by managing the entire
  • Infrastructure through a single portal
  • Quickly adapt to changing business needs
  • Avoid upfront capital investments

Our Services include

  • Server & Storage Management
  • Data Protection Services.
  • Network & Security Management.
  • Platform Services ( Mail messaging, Virtualization, linux, database)"