Company Background

ThoughtSol is the brave new face of the IT industry. Welcome to a company that was born out of a simple thought - bring on a new sunshine. The sunshine of new levels of service, new levels of commitment, new levels of hope. We strive to offer ever newer, ever higher levels of delivery. What we bring to you is the change you would like to see.

Thoughtsol offers a high degree of skills and domain expertise across a wide set of focussed areas. These include Infrastructure Solutions, Technology Consulting and End User Experience Management.

ThoughtSol helps customers leverage the power of IT for a 360° impact on their businesses. Business drivers for our solutions range from increasing market share, enhancing customer engagement, driving innovation, improving agility and efficiency of operations, reducing costs or standardizing business processes, all in a secure manner.

ThoughtSol is an organization that has set lofty goals for itself. Goals that are ultimately aimed at providing a never before experience to all that are touched by it. Our goals are aptly summed up by our thought line "Look Up". The founders aim to build an organization that will create trust on a model of transparency, honesty and professionalism.

At ThoughtSol, we firmly believe that ethical behavior is the backbone and foundation on which a strong organization is built. That is why we discharge all our duties in an ethical manner. We are honest and fair in our interactions with all stakeholders - our clients, our partners and most importantly our in-house associates.

Our responsibilities extend beyond business. That is why we have established the ThoughtSol Foundation. The Foundation aims to provide assistance to some of the more socially and economically challenged sectors of the communities we work in.