ThoughtSol was born of a desire to introduce an organization that was committed to giving considered thought and bring light & energy in all its actions.

As the first part of our name suggests, everything we do is with a deep "Thought". Our thoughts and the way we approach a situation is what sets us apart. It's the coming together of minds with over 80 years of business experience. "Sol", Spanish for the "sun", epitomizes our deepest belief – spread light & energy and brings happiness to all that we touch.

The colors of our name carry forward our firm thoughts and beliefs. The purple signifies our creative and imaginative ways of looking at any situation. The red in our logo conveys our youthful thinking, while bringing a sense of excitement and warmth in our conduct.

The logo consists of two distinct elements: the written word and the graphic. The overall look of the logo is of the structured type. The font is clean, modern and prominent. This conveys our clarity of thought and purpose. The clarity of the text also alludes to the sharpness and definiteness that is associated with the IT business. The graphic representing the sun is a visual depiction of the word "Sol". The combination of the word and graphic gives it a visual relief and heightens its "stop-to-look factor".

ThoughtSol is not just any organization operating in the information technology sphere; it's an organization that is dedicated to bringing a new thought and a smile to this landscape.