The role of an Intelligent Data Platform in your transformation

  • By: Ratan Dargan
  • 18/06/2021
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Technology innovation is always aimed at simplifying processes involved and enhancing the quality of the desired outcome. For businesses, enterprise technology redefined operations by improving the results across all business units. If you’ve been a part of a successful organisation’s journey for a couple of decades, you may have noticed the gradual increase in productivity and quality when your firm adopted new technology. #IT infrastructure plays a vital role in the functioning of modern enterprises. Digitalisation helps organisations get more visibility into their operations and be more agile.  

One of the eventualities of scaling IT is that as it simplifies outcomes, it also grows in complexity, mainly because of the increasing size of the business as a whole. Managing growing infrastructure will become harder for an IT team. And, in most cases, growing the team size to manage capacity each time the IT scales is not sustainable.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation have emerged as promising technologies that work towards augmenting human capacity by off-loading some of the management tasks from the IT teams. While automation takes care of performing repetitive tasks, AI and Machine Learning provide support by introducing decision-making capabilities. Enabling all this helps in leveraging the most valuable asset a company can own – its data. 

An intelligent data strategy 

#Data is analysed by organisations to extract useful insights that can aid business decision making. But as I mentioned earlier, with scalability comes complexity. When IT infrastructure grows within an organisation, collecting data and processing it for analysis will become harder to do. Data can reside on-premises, on the cloud, the Edge, and anywhere else on the network. Data mobility becomes crucial in such a scenario. And when the firm decides to digitally transform without considering its data, it will end up with new challenges rather than reaping the benefits of the new infrastructure.  

Modern organisations need to be data-driven to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. All their workloads and applications should have always-on, always-fast, and always-available access to data, whether they run on the cloud or on-premises.  

Data-driven digital transformations bring the most value to IT modernisation initiatives. An intelligent data strategy will bring more visibility into the IT architecture. Global intelligence enhances the experience by consistently offering new insights for improvement. 

The Intelligent Data Platform 

The Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) unifies data operations by bridging the gap between applications and infrastructure, automation and policies, and delivers a unified cloud experience. The IDP simplifies data and infrastructure management. And it delivers it all as a service. 

An intelligent data platform begins with consolidating composable systems that support your mission-critical, primary, secondary, and big data or AI workloads and empowering them with on-demand cloud services that ensure maximum mobility. The IDP then adds a layer comprising a Global Intelligence Engine across the entire infrastructure. Insights driven by AI continually optimise the platform’s performance. Incorporate an API-first strategy to speed up development and deployment and provide a consistent experience across all workloads. The HPE Intelligent Data Platform provides all this which helps get the most out of your infrastructure and enhances every business unit. 

Transforming data challenges into opportunities 

An intelligent data platform simplifies data management complexities and helps organisations lead with data to enhance every aspect of the business – from operations to management to customer experience. Visibility has been a challenge in the past, with data residing in silos. The IDP leverages the cloud to create an ideal hybrid environment that improves data mobility and makes the best use of all data. Rapid changes in the market often act as disruptions, causing setbacks to the business. However, the support from a Global Intelligence Engine provides predictive analytics and AI-based recommendations to help the infrastructure constantly evolve to adapt to the market changes. Growing volumes of data have posed a challenge for data analytics teams that are responsible for ensuring that all the data is analysed and insights are extracted in time. An AI-enabled data platform provides real-time insights from analysing data across the infrastructure, wherever the data may reside. The most significant impact of the IDP is in enabling the coalescence of all the various business units like DevOps, admins, analysts, and more by providing quick and easy access to consistent data. The IDP accelerates innovation in an organisation by empowering all teams. 

ThoughtSol Infotech, in partnership with HPE, deploys the Intelligent Data Platform for enterprises to reap the benefits of a modern, AI-enabled data experience. HPE’s comprehensive portfolio is supported by the global intelligence platform HPE InfoSight, which provides an organisation with smart recommendations to improve IT performance. ThoughtSol helps businesses with their data-driven digital transformations. In alignment with HPE’s pace of innovations, at ThoughtSol, we believe in providing the most efficient solutions that will help enable a future-proofed IT environment. The team is focused on building long-term relationships that exude happiness and satisfaction. The Intelligent Data Platform can also be the first step towards establishing a digitally aware, data-driven modern enterprise. 

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