Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is a leading mobile security solution which encompasses an exceptionally secure platform built into all of Samsung’s devices along with a set of solutions that leverage this platform. Thought-Sol’s collaboration with Samsung Knox assures you of security and provides you with secured devices that give you the liberty to use your devices however and wherever you want. From something as small as the privacy of your photos to the protection of your corporate data, Samsung Knox takes care of it all.




Knox Solutions

For every step in your business, we have a solution.


Remotely configure various Samsung devices and customize them as per explicit requirements


Enlist unlimited devices to EMM at once without any tedious manual enrollment.


Manage all enlisted devices using a simple and fast cloud-based EMM solution.


Ensure all the corporate devices are protected using extensive security & management.


Maintain the versions of operating systems on all Samsung devices to maximize cost benefits


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Ensures that teams are working, your apps are being created faster, and manages your mobile devices and IoT endpoints.


Reduce downtime with industry’s first help desk solution that is ‘purpose-built’ to fix mobile device and app problems.


Eases the process of mobility management with security, management & support of critical mobility & IoT deployment.

Fast App

For faster, cheaper, & on-time delivery of mobile apps, SOTI Snap is the perfect cross-platform, rapid app development solution.

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