Managing Devices to Keep Your Business Running

Our Digital Workplace Management ensures that only approved devices with the latest software updates are connected to the system which ensures that no outside devices are intruding into the system, thus ensuring the privacy and security of data. Our dedicated team is available to accommodate all kinds of requests such as video conferencing facilities, onboarding & offboarding of employees, etc. Whether they are devices of the firm or the employees, we can customize control, compliance, and security as per our customer’s needs. We can also monitor and track devices such as their location, activity, etc, and efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot equipment remotely.


User Experience Management

Crafting & Managing a world-class Next-Gen Ecosystem for your workplace

Digital Office

Modern Workplace = Modern Solutions. Make your workplace digital with Office365 & G-Suite

Mobile Device Management

Delivering the latest Mobile Devices that meet the needs of the organization.

Work Place Services

From organising a small digital meeting to managing a conference, we do it for you.

What Thought-Sol Offers

Design customized solutions to control, monitor & maintain employee-owned devices / Company-owned devices.

All devices can be integrated with video conferencing capabilities which ensures seamless communication.

Assist new employees to successfully integrate their EOD or COD with the system and also ensure a trouble-free exit

Updating devices, applications, functions, or policies in a scalable, consistent and supportable manner.