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What ThoughtSol Offers


With Modern Business relying larger on IT infrastructure and available for end consumers 24/7 it would be a faux pas without an IT Support team that’s readily available 24×7 to resolve issues, is flexible and is user friendly.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

For all our customers & their team, we provide a single point of contact (SPOC) to enable fast and easy resolution, hence enabling productivity and eliminating any hindrance in technology that may come in the way of their business. SPOC enables customers in achieving a unified experience throughout their team and at the same reducing downtime.

Incident/ Service Requests

Our IT service desk members are efficient and effective and are well trained in remitting both unplanned interruptions incidents such as server down and service requests such as password reset.

On-Site & Off-Site Resource

To enable an uninterrupted and effortless IT experience, we offer both dedicated onsite as well as off-site service desk solutions to cut down on any technology issue.

First Call Resolution (FCR)

Our Customer Relationship Management has enabled an FCR approach which enables our 24/7 IT Support team to resolve IT customer problems, questions or needs the first time they call, without the need of a follow-up.

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