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Cloud Engineer (AWS / Azure)

Cloud Engineer (AWS / Azure)


1. Experience in server administration on Linux and/or Windows.
a. Understanding of OS boot process
b. Experience on Kernel updates and troubleshooting
c. Network and routing configuration at OS level.
d. OS hardening
e. Filesystem and User administration
f. Object (Files and directories) level and user-level permission configurations.
g. Experience on Shell experience is mandatory.
h. Experience on Python script is preferred.
i. Troubleshooting of OS level issues.
j. Setting up of remote/centralized Syslog service and configuration of log rotation
2. Experience on middleware
a. Understanding of architecture and flow of web applications.
b. Experience of working on web servers (Apache, Nginx, IIS) and application servers (Tomcat, JBoss)
2. Understanding of database servers
a. Basic understanding of RDMBS and SQL queries.
b. Experience on installation and configuration of any of database server from MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc.
3. Understanding of General IT concepts.
a. Logging and log management.
b. Backup options and policies.
c. Networking concepts, i.e. IP addressing, subnetting, network topologies in LAN and WAN. VPN concepts and configurations.
d. Documentation and SOP preparations.
e. Clustering and High availability of resources.

4. Experience with virtualization, provisioning and configuration management tools and technologies such as Terraform / Ansible, Cloud Formation.
5. Understanding of landing zone experience in planning migration from On-Premise to Cloud.
6. Strong knowledge on Cloud Security, Monitoring, VPC, Security Groups & orchestration in the public cloud
7. Researching, developing, and implementing new tools and processes to improve and automate Operational Support.
8. Create detailed technical documentation and provide training to other entry and intermediate team members.

9. AWS / Azure Working Experience
a. Experience of working on AWS services: VPC, VPN, EC2, RDS, EastiCache, CloudFront, Load balancers, Autoscaling, Backup, Lambda
b. Experience of Working on Azure Services: Virtual Machine, Blob Storage (Block , Cool , Archive ) , ASR, StorSimple, RediCache, SQL Datawarehouse, Load Balance Application Gateway, CDN, Azure DNS, Express Route, Virtual Network, Log Analytics etc.


a) Minimum of 5-6 years of hands-on experience of Windows/Linux Administration.
b) At least 1-3+ years of experience on AWS/Azure
c) AWS /Azure Certified – Desirable
d) Have worked on Automations using AWS/Azure and third-party tools.
e) Ready for a rotational shift.
f) Ready to work in AWS managed services team.

Job Category: 1-4years
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Delhi

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