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The current trend in the industry is Digitisation. All new-age companies are going digital which is enabling them in reaching their business’s full potential. Traditional ways such as hoarding of physical assets have become obsolete and organic growth is running towards a downward slope. The only way to emerge victoriously is by applying creative thought leadership, innovative ideas, productive execution, and accelerating timeline. ThoughtSol’s cloud migration services comply with the best of AWS cloud security and are dependent on a convenient framework that automates routine, reruns tasks like procuring, configuring, and deploying infrastructure. It also designs applications with a breakdown of tasks which ensures the cohesion, security, stability, and standardization. Our customers are now less dependent, can easily collaborate and can deploy standard processes for their team members with the help of our Managed DevOps Services. There is freedom in experimentation, rolling out of new features and new processes can be developed rather easily. All in all, it helps our customers perform better, thus leading to their accelerated growth.


In this world of cut-throat digital transformation, Thought-Sol has equipped itself with state of the art technology, be it Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, we are leading the wave in DevOps Automation.

With a team that is well trained with all the requisite cloud orchestration tools, we are leading by creating effective structures to manage and compute instances, networks, storage using CloudFormation, TerraForms etc.

We facilitate organisations in building their CI/CD pipelines and use automation apps such as Ansible & Jenkins. Our expertise lies with Git, Gradle, Groovy, Mavin, Sonar and others. Using GitLab Ci we are capable of designing GitLab runners with different executors like SHELL, Kubernetes, Docker runners, Atlassian Bitbucket etc.

We work in an adroit manner and are capable of managing, configuring apps using SCM Tools (Chef, Puppet, and Ansible). Using Ansible we can implement Playbooks, Task control, jinja2 Templates, Ansible Vault Roles, Ansible Tower, Managing Variables and inclusion etc.

With our excellent combination of micro services & DevOps, we aid enterprises with a fully functional package. To design modern applications we provide services for Deployment of an app in the form of containers on Kubernetes, Mesos Merathon, Docker Swarm.

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