Do You Know? More than 50 percent of all Azure compute cores are running Linux Workload.

Linux workloads are becoming progressively popular for enterprise workloads and this number is expected to rise further. This surge is driving the requirement for comprehensive support of Linux in all cloud environments, including Azure.

With Azure, you get a choice of common Linux distributions that include Ubuntu, Red Hat, CoreOS, SUSE, CentOS, Debian, and Oracle Linux. Users can also create their own Linux virtual machines (VMs) and can deploy and run containers in Kubernetes.


How can you benefit from migrating your workload to Azure?


More Choice

Azure maximizes your existing investments and provides you with support for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on Linux, PHP Web application platforms, and Java.


Cost Optimization

Capitalize on Azure Cost-effective offers available for Linux workloads to save money.


Security Support

Azure Security Services are supported by more than 3500 security professionals as well as its built-in resiliency will help you protect your workload across the hybrid environment.


Increase Operational Efficiency

With an entirely managed application and database services in Azure, we can cut down the operational overhead.


More Value

Complement what we have already built with the help of Azure. With the help of Azure active directory or Cloud-powered insights through Azure Data Lake Analytics, augment your open-source application.

Migrate Workload to Azure

Insights on your cost-management capabilities in Azure through readiness assessments and cost analysis.

Our tools and capabilities will ensure that your migration process is seamless

From the entire deployment of your enterprise’s complete framework and performance optimization, we will help you to identify and leverage all opportunities for transforming workloads.

We will ensure that industry requirements and compliance are met while you achieve scalability and substantial flexibility.

About Mock

From readiness assessments to cost analysis that gives you detailed insights into your cost-management capabilities in Azure, we offer you the clearest path in Azure. From the initial point of your collaboration with us to the entire deployment of your business’s complete framework and performance optimization, you can identify and leverage all opportunities for transforming workloads.

Our Cloud expert will help you achieve scalability and complete flexibility without the physical constraints of on-premises server limitations, leverage the powers of multiple data centres and redundancies to ensure continuity, customization through server configuration, and responsive load balancing to meet demand and ensure requirements and compliance are met.

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Benefits of Migrating to Azure


Azure Security Management

helps you secure your Linux cloud workload by built-in controls for identity, data & networking.


Azure Stack

helps you build hybrid cloud by integrating your on-permises and cloud environment.


Azure Security Center

will help you detect threats, follow recommendations to respond to threats, and gain insights into your security state and compliance.


Azure Sentinel

can speed up your threat response time by streamlining security operations.