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Cloud Services

Modern Businesses require Modern Solutions. They want their operations to move wherever they go. There is no reliance on the device for storing your data. With the right cloud solution for your business, you can access data from any location at any time. Advantage your business plans with ThoughtSol’s cloud services which enables you to secure your data, scale your storage whenever you want, reduce cost and save time.

Cloud Managed Services

Our team believes in providing 24*7 support to tackle all the issues related to our managed services supported by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and keeps a check on the performance issues with threats and insecurities.

Cloud Migration Services

The complexity of cloud migration demands a detailed understanding of the existing environment. ThoughtSol starts with the evaluation of applications and only permits the ones that fit the migration criteria, ground plans for minimal disturbance, and a high-end approach towards achievement.

Cloud Optimization

We create methods for our customers for Cloud optimization which ought to be holistic and have a balanced approach to suit both the need to cut down expenditure and business imperative for high-end achievements.

Managed DevOps

Our Cloud Migration services comply with the best of AWS Cloud Security and are dependent on a convenient framework that automates routine, reruns tasks like procuring, configuring and deploying infrastructure.


NextGen Services

Your digital business requires constant support. Be it finding the right minds, or solving a technological issue at an odd hour, handing your printing requirement, or constantly updating your devices with the latest software and applications. You need a partner who you can trust with your business. ThoughtSol provides you with 24x7 support for all your services so that your business can run swiftly.

Hybrid Data Center Management

We enable our customers to manage their data 24/7 with expert solutions that deploy end-to-end management of computing environments. This allows for security, stability, reduction in costs and swiftness in processes, making our customer’s IT infrastructure more responsive & flexible.

IT Service Helpdesk

Our support team is readily available 24×7 to resolve your issues, taking both Incident and service requests on priority. We also provide both on site and off-site resources for uninterrupted and effortless IT experience.

Digital Workplace Management

With our Device Management, our team deploys a combination of on-device applications and configurations, backend infrastructure so that our customers can use the devices with ease and simplification.

IT Staffing Services

Our team understands the challenges associated while recruiting for IT positions and thus helps you by understanding your requirements and meeting your IT Staffing needs with ease and in a timely fashion thus saving you time, effort, and cost.

Managed Print Services

With our Managed Printing Services, one can notice a reduction in operating costs and elimination of time being spent on Printing issues.

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