Should you be working in Internal IT or MSP?

  • By: Ratan Dargan
  • 23/08/2022
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Everyone moving toward digitization, businesses may find themselves standing at the crossroad, contemplating the most crucial decision for their future – Internal IT or Managed Services Provider (MSP). But IT is IT, right? So, how does it matter? Let us help you make your choice a little easier.

Firstly, internal IT is hiring one or more staff to oversee IT for your entire organization and the reality is that most internal IT services aren’t competent enough to keep up with the pace of innovation. Also, if there is a small team managing the IT for the entire organisation, it becomes pure dramatic after some time as it is needs to keep up with the various digital trend going on in the market. As a result, many organizations find their IT to be challenging rather than accommodating, and that their systems struggle to keep pace with the demands of a growing business in the digital world whereas MSP refers to a dedicated company which provides remote support, IT services or consulting for companies who wish to outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure.

MSP is basically a third-party company that remotely manages a customer’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems. It usually offers an array of critical IT and infrastructure services, allowing companies to focus on their core competency. Managed services providers (MSPs) offer a huge range of IT and cloud computing services on an agreement or subscription basis. Today’s prime managed service providers typically work through the cloud, handling deployments starting from multicloud to hybrid cloud to private cloud to the datacenter – often in combination. Managed service providers are growing rapidly with their important role as they enable companies to focus on their core competencies. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are playing a significant role in the increasing demand for MSPs as they need to acquire the access to the latest technology conducive to maintaining a competitive edge in their respective markets. The good news is that managed services allow SMBs to play on the same ground as middle-marketplace and enterprise-level organizations, without overextending themselves — and that’s simply one of the blessings of the managed services model.

How to choose your Managed Service Provider?

  • Proficient expertise and established record – When companies decide to outsource, their managed service provider must exhibit expertise and experience. Companies scaling or handling complicated network structures need more than just their internal IT. As the IT environment keeps on growing and evolving, MSPs too continue to expand their services to meet to fulfil an increasing number of complicated needs from businesses. The MSP teams are highly skilled and licensed professionals offering quality solutions to new demographics.
  • Relevance to your business- It’s crucial that your business and IT necessities fit the services and the system model offered by the service provider. Consequently, a business must catalogue and map its inner structures and carefully apprehend workflows, business procedures, goals and gaps. Thorough information of your business’s necessities makes it viable to locate an IT offerings company or MSP which can simplify and streamline present procedures and additionally unharness innovation.
  • SLA (Service Level Arrangement) – A managed service provider often provides its service offering concealed by an SLA (Service Level Arrangement) – a contractual association between the MSP and its customer. The SLA spells out the overall performance and standard metrics that govern the alliance. All the documents expected by organisations like maintenance, security, monitoring, reporting and other services are defined under SLA. Organizations need to be particular whilst agreeing to the commitments they make in SLA contracts. It may also be linked to an MSP`s pricing formula. It documents the MSP’s responsibilities to the business to put together for or get over a disaster. Hiring an MSP to reduce IT spending, you`ll need to ensure that they without a doubt comply through on that promise. If they can automate elements of your workflow to prevent hard work hours or what form of recurring preservation is protected on your contract. Keep in mind, though, that a reasonably priced MSP might cost a little, but you cash downtime and miscommunication withinside the lengthy run.

If the MSP fails to follow through on the SLA, the organization could experience system downtime whereas if your Managed Services Provider is able to meet all your requirements, you can be rest assured that your systems are in good hands and to obtain that, you need to make sure that you choose the right provider. If you’ve ever scoffed at the concept of outsourcing assistance to a third-party provider because you believe your present-day IT structure is fine or because of the distress about cost, now is the time to reconsider as it has several established benefits.

Why Thought-Sol you may ask? We’re glad you asked.

  • As a proud Microsoft Managed Services partner for over 5 years, we have strategic partnerships with Microsoft at all levels, enabling us to accelerate crucial trends through a suitable upsurge pathway.
  • Along with IT support, we offer digital solutions, data centre solutions, NexGen services, and more.
  • We offer advanced services and a flexible service model.
  • Avail yourself with the liberty to modify your engagement as per your requirements – from limited-time engagement to the complete package of the ongoing services, we are equipped to fulfil your needs at your level.
  • Gain access to Thought-sol’s internal network of Architects, as well as our Delivery Team, if and when necessary.
  • Value your privacy? Thought-Sol can help you develop a comprehensive knowledge base, offering a secured database and positioning your data security as the highest priority.

Here at Thought-Sol, we’re committed to assisting companies like yours to gain organizational fulfilment and embody digital transformation through the competence of our service model. Ready to transform your business? Let’s get started.

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