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We specialize in helping brands grow by Digital Transformation built for today’s digital challenges. We focus on the things that matter and innovations that make extraordinary things happen for businesses and their customers.

Digital Solutions

Digital is not just the future, but also the present. Technology has broken age-old barriers & to stay competitive & relevant, a business must create consistent and connected digital experiences. It’s time to embrace the forces of digital proliferation and make the big move. ThoughtSol helps you create macro & micro experiences that win undying loyalty and trust of your employees and customers.

Digital Device Choice

Enhance your digital infrastructure by using the best device choices from HP, Apple, Samsung & Microsoft. You state your requirement, we deliver the right equipment.

Digital Productivity Solutions

Create more value to your digital productivity by adding relevant and beneficial tools with Microsoft Office

Digital Experience Solution

Mobile security solutions that assure you of security and provide you with secure devices and platforms that give you the liberty to use your devices however and wherever you want.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

ThoughSol’s & HP’s collaboration aids you in advancing your IT assets and resources with HP Device as a Service (DaaS). This comprehensive solution combines hardware, support, insightful analytics, proactive management, and services for every stage of the device lifecycle.


Data Center Solutions

Data is what drives big businesses today and managing one’s data is crucial for your organisation’s growth. Our Data Centre Solutions enables you to create infrastructure such as servers, storage, networking solutions etc. We ensure that your data is well managed, secure, protected, whether it is on-cloud or on-premise. From optimising cost, increasing efficiency to simplifying operations, Thoughtsol will help you manage your data.

Hybrid IT Solutions

With our Hybrid IT Solutions, your business will have the right mix of on-prim and cloud infrastructures. You can choose how much of your hybrid strategy will be public and how much will be private.

Digital Edge & Security

Our Digital Edge & Security Solutions analyses threat points and develop strategies that can custom design solutions which are apt for your organization to make your organisation more secure and protected.

Enterprise Data Solutions

Taking responsibility for your data is challenging. With ThoughtSol, stay assured that your data is in the right hands. Your data will be protected, secured and will be with you whenever you need it.

Everything as a Service (EaaS)

ThoughtSol along with HPE GreenLake enables you to create a steady experience across your private and public clouds for smooth integration across your entire IT infrastructure.

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