ThoughtSol: 10th Foundation Day
A decade of Growth, Success & Triumphs!

Celebrating 10th Foundation Day

The momentous foundation day signifies a decade of innovation, growth, and resilience - a testament to the collective efforts of our dedicated team and the trust our clients have placed in us, says Vinet Kuumar, Founder & CEO, ThoughtSol.

ThoughtSol conceptualised by a team of 4 visionary first-generation entrepreneurs Vinet Kuumar, Ratan Dargan, Bindiya Vohra and Saket Vohra turns ten on 16 January 2024. The Delhi headquartered Systems Integrator (SI) and cloud services provider, ThoughtSol, has stayed at the helm of technological advancements with a remarkable revenue surpassing $40 Mn dollars.

To commemorate its 10th Foundation Day on 16 January 2024; ThoughtSol has planned a series of activities to express their gratitude to the pillars of its success - ThoughtSol team and their families. The company would be organizing a langar, symbolizing its commitment to community service and a way to give back to the community that has supported us throughout this journey.

On occasion of ThoughtSol Foundation Day; Vinet Kuumar, Founder & CEO says, “The past ten years have seen us not only meet but exceeded expectations, building lasting relationships with our clients. The momentous foundation day signifies a decade of innovation, growth, and resilience, and a testament to the collective efforts of our dedicated team and the trust our clients have placed in us.”
A grand team celebration named ‘Dasakam’ has been scheduled on January 21st, a Sunday, ensuring everyone can participate at the event themed ‘Family Olympic Day’ thereby emphasizing the unity and strength that the extended ThoughtSol family brings to the workplace.

View From Leadership Team

Over the past decade, ThoughtSol has relentlessly been committed to foster an inclusive work culture, with unwavering focus on customer-centricity that has been the bedrock of success.

Vinet Kuumar, Founder & CEO, ThoughtSol: “I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey. Our success is a collective effort and as we move forward, let's continue to inspire each other, push boundaries, and create a legacy that will be remembered for decades to come.”

Ratan Dargan, Co-Founder & CTO, ThoughtSol: “Reflecting on a decade of technological innovation and growth, I am reminded of the incredible journey we've taken as a team. Looking back, the technological landscape has transformed, and so have we. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible has not only defined our past but will continue to shape our future. Here's to a decade of groundbreaking solutions and the exciting challenges that lie ahead.”

Saket Vohra, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer – Client Success, ThoughtSol: “I express my heartfelt gratitude to each customer for their valued business and extend my sincere appreciation to all associates at ThoughtSol who contribute to creating a remarkable ThoughtSol family. Over the years, the customer success metric at ThoughtSol has experienced a positive evolution. At the core of our success lies the unwavering dedication of our entire team, who have played a major role in delivering our ‘customer-first’ vision.”

Bindiya Vohra, Co-Founder & Director - Digital Solutions, ThoughtSol: “On this special occasion, I want to commend each and every one of you for embracing diversity and contributing to our vibrant and inclusive work culture. Your diverse perspectives have not only empowered us to navigate intricate challenges but also ignited innovative solutions, ultimately leading to outstanding results for our clients. Here's to a decade of excellence, diversity, and the exciting journey that lies ahead of us.”

Messages to ThoughtSol’s Stakeholders

For Employees: We are an army of 300 skilled and well-knit team members who are the power center of ThoughtSol. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for their dedication, passion, and hard work. This milestone is as much theirs as it is mine. Together, we've built something extraordinary, and the journey ahead holds even greater promise.

For Leadership Team: Thank you for your strategic vision and unwavering commitment. Your guidance has been instrumental in steering ThoughtSol to where it stands today.

For Customers: ThoughtSol wouldn't be where it is without the trust and partnership of our valued customers. On our 10th Foundation Day, I want to assure them that our commitment to delivering top-notch services and solutions remains unwavering.

For Vendors / OEMs: To our partners in innovation, thank you for the collaborative spirit that has defined our relationships. Together, we've pushed boundaries and delivered cutting-edge solutions. Let's continue to explore new avenues and set new benchmarks for excellence.

For Third-Party Stakeholders: The support of our extended network has been invaluable. Your expertise and reliability have played a crucial role in our achievements. As we move forward, let's deepen these connections and explore ways to mutually benefit from our continued collaboration.

The Next Phase of Growth

Vinet Kuumar elucidates on key entrepreneurship lessons (success mantras) at ThoughtSol. He says, “Adaptability is key as companies embrace change and be adaptable to evolving market trends and technologies, hence pivot and innovate is crucial for sustained success.”

Vinet’s another mantra resonates around 3P’s of Success (Patience, Persistence & Perseverance). “Be patient in navigating challenges, persistent in pursuing your goals, and persevere through setbacks. I believe that success often comes to those who stay committed to their vision despite the obstacles,he adds.

“Celebrating a decade at ThoughtSol, I'm proud to be part of a team that not only adapts to change but pioneers it. Our journey of growth and collaboration has been remarkable, and the future is an exciting canvas for our collective brilliance,” says Yogesh Pal, Vice – President, Govt Business, ThoughtSol.

Saket Vohra of ThoughSol adds, “Our guiding principle involves understanding and catering to the challenges faced by our clients and tailoring our services to meet their specific needs and work environments. Our commitment remains unwavering – to be a true partner in our clients' success stories.”

“It's been a decade of collective passion, resilience, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. Looking ahead, we are poised for even greater achievements, building on the foundation of excellence that has been the hallmark of ThoughtSol since its inception,” adds Rajesh Sachdeva, Vice – President, Cloud Solutions, ThoughtSol.

ThoughtSol’s mission during inception in 2014 to be acknowledged as a customer-centric and the most trusted IT solutions and services partner for its customers, has turned out well today. A company is only as strong as its team. “Investing in their training, development, and well-being is directly proportional to investing in the company’s success. This tenth-year milestone is not just about looking back but also about charting the course for an even more promising future, says Vinet Kuumar, Founder & CEO, ThoughtSol.