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With Thought-Sol’s Hybrid IT Solutions, your business will have the right mix of on prim and cloud infrastructures. You can choose how much of your hybrid strategy will be public and how much will be private. Our expertise in Hybrid IT Solutions will help you advance greatly by exerting direct control over your IT assets, retaining control over networked enabled applications and enhancing speed. With higher security, ability to scale, and significant cost reduction, it should be the perfect creative solution for your organisation’s IT and computing needs.

  • Composable systems
  • Hyperconverged systems
  • Rack Servers
  • Blade Servers
  • Private cloud platforms
  • Mission-critical servers
  • All-flash and hybrid
  • Data protection
  • File and object storage
  • Storage management and automation
  • Infrastructure management software
  • Network management software
  • Server management software
  • Advisory and professional services overview
  • Cloud services
  • Data center services
  • Data center services
  • Operational support services overview
  • Adaptive management services