"ThoughtSol's Cloud Expedition
A Deep Dive into Strategies, Partnerships, and Growth!"

“ThoughtSol is enabling CIOs and technology leaders across enterprises to leverage the power of IT and cloud services in various ways, creating an all- encompassing impact on their businesses.", says Ratan Dargan, CTO, ThoughtSol.

Cloud adoption is continuing at a rapid pace across the globe and in various industries. Cloud budgets are on the rise, with IT decision-makers reporting that 31% of their overall IT budget will be allocated to cloud computing and two-thirds of them expect their cloud budget to increase in the next 12 months, according to the 2023 Cloud Computing research by Foundry, an IDG Inc. company. There has been a rapid adoption of cloud services in the past couple of years across India Inc., and 2024 doesn't seem to be any different.

The Systems Integrator and services provider company ThoughtSol is buoyant about its cloud business and building the team to move it to the next level. “As businesses were increasingly focusing on digital transformation initiatives, and cloud services played a pivotal role in enabling this transformation. The adoption of cloud services allowed organizations to enhance agility, scalability, and efficiency in their operations,” says Ratan Dargan, Co-Founder & CTO, ThoughtSol.

ThoughtSol offers prime cloud services designed to streamline business operations, saving both time and costs while enhancing productivity, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. The comprehensive suite of cloud solutions offered by ThoughtSol includes Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, Cloud Cost Optimization, Cloud Assessment, Cloud Monitoring and governance, and Managed DevOps.
Rajesh Sachdeva, Vice President – Cloud Solutions, ThoughtSol adds on the second driving factor for Cloud as he says” The increasing emphasis on data privacy and security, and with India owning The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023, there will be a growing trend towards adopting cloud solutions that comply with local data residency regulations. “

Currently, the cloud business contributes 20% of ThoughtSol's total revenue. Delivering tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs while providing 24x7 surveillance for enhanced security is our USP, says Rajesh.

Looking forward to the next 12 months, ThoughtSol envisions significant growth in the contribution of the cloud business to overall revenue, targeting a figure of 35%.


Today's CIOs and CTOs demand cloud services that align strategically with their business goals, requiring providers to understand and cater to the unique needs of each organization. “Collaborative leadership is crucial for the seamless integration and implementation of cloud solutions, emphasizing teamwork and cooperation. Organizations now seek to instil a cloud-centric culture to foster innovation, promote data-driven decision-making, ensure robust security integration, and demand continuous improvement to keep pace with evolving technology and business requirements,” as per Ratan.

ThoughtSol is enabling CIOs and technology leaders across enterprises to leverage the power of IT and cloud services in several ways to have an all- encompassing impact on their businesses including:

•Strategic Alignment:Aligning cloud solutions with the overall business strategy.
•Collaborative Leadership:Facilitating teamwork and cooperation for successful cloud adoption.
•Cloud-Centric Culture:Promoting a culture that embraces cloud technologies for innovation.
•Data-driven decision-making:Providing tools and insights for informed decision-making.
•Security Integration:Ensuring robust security measures are integrated into cloud solutions.
•Continuous Improvement:Offering ongoing support and updates to keep pace with evolving technology.


ThoughtSol's Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for its cloud business in 2023 spans across all industry verticals. The targeted customer workloads include a spectrum of services such as lift and shift, disaster recovery, backup, managed databases, cloud security, SAP HANA workloads, and virtual desktop services along with Data & AI solutions on cloud. Anticipating the year 2024, ThoughtSol is poised to launch new initiatives aimed at geographical expansion and the enhancement of global sales operations. These strategic moves are intended to further fortify the company's standing in the competitive cloud services market, as articulated by Rajesh.

The primary challenges faced by Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the implementation of cloud strategies involve managing cloud costs, addressing data privacy and security issues, and coping with a scarcity of cloud security skills and expertise. ThoughtSol's proactive approach to cultivating and empowering its cloud business team revolves around a meticulously structured incubation period designed for freshers.

Rajesh elucidates on the process of developing the requisite skill sets for the cloud business, stating, "The 18-month journey begins with an initial six- month focus on intensive training and certifications. Subsequently, the following 12 months entail active participation in projects under the guidance of seasoned project managers or cloud engineers, providing hands-on experience and practical insights. Following this incubation period, individuals transition to handling independent projects, armed with the skills and confidence cultivated through the mentorship program."


Hybrid Cloud is omnipresent across IT infra for most companies across verticals. ThoughtSol, positioned as the youngest and fastest Platinum partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), engages closely with enterprises to formulate and implement their Hybrid Cloud Strategy. The partnership leverages HPE's GreenLake Offering, a versatile portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions.

"This collaboration facilitates the adoption of a Hybrid Cloud approach, granting businesses the flexibility to seamlessly run applications and manage data across edge locations, data centers, and public clouds. Operating on a pay-as-you-go basis, HPE GreenLake provides a cloud experience wherever an organization's applications and data are situated. This solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures a secure edge-to-cloud platform, aligning with the evolving requirements of modern enterprises," states Ratan.

The partnerships of ThoughtSol with Cloud and OEM partners like HP, HPE, and Microsoft to name a few extend beyond product offerings, encompassing substantial investments in skill enhancement and continuous training initiatives.

"The commitment exhibited by these partners to the development of all technical roles underscores their dedication to ensuring that ThoughtSol's team remains well-equipped to navigate the dynamic market landscape. This collaborative approach emphasizes the significance of ongoing training and skill development to stay abreast of the ever-evolving technology landscape," explains Rajesh.


AI, Gen AI has led to a spike in cloud solutions by Indian companies as the management of extensive volumes of data, applications, and workloads has posed significant operational challenges for on-premises infrastructure, prompting organizations to increasingly turn to cloud-based alternatives. According to a global survey conducted in 2023, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are strategically aligning their plans with the intersection of artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Ratan Dargan, Co-Founder & CTO, ThoughtSol agrees, “The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the emergence of Generation AI (Gen AI) are indeed driving a notable uptick in the adoption of cloud solutions by Indian companies. The increasing complexity of managing vast amounts of data, applications, and workloads has made on-premises operations challenging.”

The integration of AI and machine learning into cloud services is a significant trend, empowering organizations to derive valuable insights from their data, enhance decision-making processes, and optimize overall operational efficiency.

Cloud solutions offer a scalable and efficient alternative, empowering businesses to leverage the power of AI and Gen AI technologies. “As these trends continue to evolve, cloud solutions provide the necessary infrastructure and computational capabilities to manage and derive actionable insights from large datasets, positioning themselves as integral components of modern IT infrastructures,” says Rajesh Sachdeva, Vice President – Cloud Solutions, ThoughtSol.


- Digital Transformation Acceleration: A rising focus on digital transformation initiatives has underscored the pivotal role of cloud services in expediting this process. The widespread adoption of cloud solutions has empowered organizations to augment their operational agility, scalability, and efficiency.

- Data Localization and Security Compliance: As the significance of data privacy and security continues to grow, particularly with the introduction of India's Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 (DPDP Bill), there is a discernible shift towards the adoption of cloud solutions that align with local data residency regulations.

- AI and Machine Learning Integration: A noteworthy development in the technological landscape is the increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into cloud services. This integration serves as a significant trend, empowering organizations to extract valuable insights from their data, elevate decision-making processes, and optimize overall operational efficiency.